Who We Are?

Having offices across India, The Organisation was Founded by Sri Satish.chandra Jaiswal (Retd. Deputy General Manager B.H.E.L Haridwar). After realizing the potential of optimization in human behavior. The organization deals in all aspects of students & employees life. As per now the organization is working with major schools in India on city to city basis. We also have specially designed workshops for corporate trainings. The team of Gyanantar Life solutions Pvt. Ltd. comprises of exceptionally fine professionals from the management, engineering and administrative backgrounds. The binding factor among the employees is the goal of organization to make India a better place by helping our nationals.

Meet Our Team

  • Mr. S.C Jaiswal - Founder

    Mr. Satish chandra Jaiswal is the reason this organization stands high today. He is the Founder cum Managing director of Gyanantar Life Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Having a corporate experience of more than 55 years, he has trained thousands of employees as the Deputy General Manager of Bharat Heavy Electronics Haridwar. Having so deep and profound understanding of human behavior, he decided to spread his knowledge to the most suggestible minds, the minds of children. He believes that a right direction is important but not as important as the right direction at the right time.

  • Mrs. Shanu - Operations Head

    With teaching experience of more than 15 years in prestigious C.B.S.E schools, she is the one blessed with real art of pipelining the complex psychological learning in to a curriculum. This has been always me interest to reshape the lessons of ages, as I believe in the words of “leonardo da vinci- The simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”, and I live this quotation every day as it is an adventurous task to communicate something so profound in simpler words, experiments and interventions.

  • Mr Ankur Kumar - Head of Research

    The Einstein behind, Served public and private sector for more than 6 years. His research activities are based on experimental psychological models. Currently his work is focused on exploring the potential of psychological priming. The one believes that all the religious learning are actually based on scientific logics which were clearly understood by the czars of every religions and these logics were implemented in the form of rituals and practices. Hence is determined to find them so he can hand over these learning to our operation's head, so that she can utilize them in simple interventions for the curriculum.

  • Mrs. Karnika - Human Resource Manager

    Adding the fun part to any activity has been her hobby since her child hood the one full of life and positive energy in nature, she is the reason we are able to design these workshops in such n interactive manner, we feel sometimes that all the positivity which has been transformed in our sessions may have roots connected to her. Having a combination of software engineering and holding an MBA degree from Symbiosis Pune. She often asks students what is the etymological meaning of “curriculum Vitae”?
    And would share in the end by herself with the closing words as – The Latin meaning of curriculum vitae is the “Courses of Life”. Remember career is for life and life is not for career.