Snapshot Of Deliverable

This has been observed that preaching or giving a lecture on behavior does not makes a remarkable difference in the attitude of the child as they have a prejudiced reluctance to any such lecture or preaching. Hence the Gyanantar is designed in an effective manner to bring these virtues in practice with the help of engaging interventions.
To achieve the objective all the lessons are delivered in the form of activities,
To reinforce the effect of Gyanantar the curriculum are designed in a progressive format.

Scientific experiments to realize the effect on physical world (matter) of thoughts/ intentions/ words.

• Interactive and engaging activities to impart crucial Life skills.
• Social perspective realizing behavioral & Psychoanalytic games.
• Family respect & connection inducing periodic assignments.
• Role plays to understand perspective and perceptions.
• Lectures and researches in the form of interesting stories.
• Quarterly and annually behavioral student report card based on the peer review hence taking the advantage of group dynamics.
• First hand stimulative controlled situations where one can analyze and understand and experience the psychological effect of their action and words to make a social image/mental report card of every child.
• Moral case studies group discussions

  • Three Detailed curriculum
  • Teacher's Workshop
  • Parent's Workshop
  • Energy creation -

    With adequate guidance and following definite instructions, every individual (even kids) can distinctively create the life energy. The experience within itself is magical. We help them realize, the power of thoughts/mind & to harness it for gteater good.

    • Immediate sublime result- As an individual experiences that the thoughts do have a physical presence of their own, the results are 100% astonishing. Now the students start to give consideration to every thought carefully instead of taking it for granted.
    • Skills Imparted –Self awareness & emotional skills
    • Tools Used –Fixity of the student, composure of the illustrator.
  • Intention to Reality Experiment -

    Positive/negative thoughts/words impact on the physical world & clear understanding of good/ bad for the first time with the help of science We conduct this amazing experiment to incept the realization of distinctive physical impact of one’s positive & negative thoughts/words on solid material.

    • Immediate sublime result-This intervention is baffling, sufficient enough to experience and understand the physical impact of individual positive/negative emotions for every child. This leads to a strong belief and understanding about good and bad.
    • Skills Imparted -Basic virtue, Setting up Moral Base self awareness & emotional skills.
    • Tools Used -Adams Ale, cereal strain, Fixity of the student.
  • Colored cubes of emotions-

    As adults, we still are confused how emotions work and how to handle the uncontrollable emotions. But after going through the colored cubes of emotions intervention, every individual easily understands and becomes capable enough to deal with the emotions. In this intervention we also make this clear, which emotions should be controlled and which should not be.

    • Immediate sublime result- After going through this intervention, one can easily understand how emotions work and how to handle them. Students learn that how their actions and word are capable of inducing particular emotions in others & what impact it may have in long run.
    • Skills Imparted - Emotional skills, Stress management.
    • Tools Used - Colored Cubes of emotions.
  • Definite Taste of Enlightenment; K-PAX -

    This is an extraordinary supernatural experience one should have in a lifetime at least once. It’s almost like meeting your soul for the first time through ‘K-pax’. Our program manager would explain you what the purpose is and how it is achieved. But students & ordinary people are not allowed to go through this experience, only school management can have this experience.
    (*supernatural- beyond the limits of natural known definitions, one has to experience it to understand it.)

    • Immediate sublime result- The ultimate realization, after going through this intervention he lives a life one can only Dream only.
    • Skills Imparted - Highest level of self awareness.
    • Tools Used - K-pax, Fixity of the student.
  • Mind split-hand creativity intervention -

    With the help of this activity we clearly make the student’s understand the dominance of right & left parts of the brain on creativity and logical daily activities and how one can master both the logical & creative part of the brain by practice and proper guidance for whole life.

    • Immediate sublime result- A crystal clear understanding of what creativity is and how one can be creative.
    • Skills Imparted -Creative skills, Induces creative thinking.
    • Tools Used - Two halves of the highbrow, both boughs.
  • The role of moral hormone and how to become master of it -

    After years of research our science has recently figured out the connection between the morality and one of our hormones. We explain the role of this moral hormone, how to spread it and how this “moral hormone is multiplied by the induction”.

    • Immediate sublime result-For the first time in human history we are explaining the science behind “how doing well spreads the good” and what the personal biological advantages of doing so are.
    • Skills Imparted - Moral understanding, value system structuring.
    • Tools Used - Clemency of every individual.
  • Sphere of God -

    As we know - only after understanding the basics and levels of soccer one can analyze and respect the excellence of a soccer player. Similarly to understand, learn and respect the ‘behavior and life skills’ of an individual, one has to understand the basics of moral values/ behavior/ actions & what makes one good which is achieved by this intervention.

    • Immediate sublime result- Sphere of god is one of the strongest interventions in world and can solve almost half the problems of the world.
    • Skills Imparted - Social skill, Self awareness.
    • Tools Used - Sphere of God, clemency of every individual.
  • Instant Mind relaxing experience –

    In this intervention we help the students/teachers to bring their mind into peace/relaxed mode with our special inputs in 20 minutes by inducing alpha and theta waves in the brain. The second way we follow to induce alpha waves is by making every child practice meditation.

    • Immediate sublime result- No matter how much hard work we do, if our mind is not at peace we cannot work efficiently, hence going through this intervention an individual can reach instant relaxed state of mind.
    • Skills Imparted - Self awareness & Emotional skills.
    • Tools Used - Fixity of the student, Clemency of every individual.
  • Anonymous friend intervention -

    Whenever confused, the children take guidance from parents and teachers but what happens when they are facing from a personal problem? In such a scenario due to personal gap with parents and teachers, they normally count on friends, who are again of their age and understanding, taking the situation to a miserable end. To solve this problem we provide our special contact and ask the children to create their anonymous contact so that they can discuss personal query freely with our facilitators.

    • Immediate sublime result- The solution of the projected problem if provided immediately.
    • Skills Imparted - Self awareness & Emotional relief.
    • Tools Used -Fixity of the student, Composure of the illustrator.
  • One of its kind evaluation techniques -

    It has been always difficult to measure the immeasurable, but not anymore. With the help of quarterly group peer review, the mental report card intervention & the action target intervention of sphere of god, we can easily assess the skill level of the students(relative to the particular group section). On the basis of which we provide quarterly and yearly skills report card for every child.

    • Immediate sublime result- The evaluation gives the student a very clear understanding of his position relatively in the society and the grading under individual skill.
    • Skills Imparted - Understanding and ategorization of individual skill.
    • Tools Used -Individual skill evaluation techniques.