Message from Managing Director

Managing Director
Satish chandra Jaiswal

(Retd. DGM B.H.E.L Haridwar)

Gyanantar is not just an organization - it is an institution, a center for incessant learning, improvement and development.
This family is the result of our unconventional way of dreaming and courage that changes the lives of children and related people.

We have realized that the whole education system and lifestyle is slave of academic knowledge but our ancestors were aware that just academic knowledge was not sufficient. In fact the ancient pedagogy used to give more emphasis on the part which tells you how to live happily ever after.

As Lord Buddha said - we are what we think and secondly no one on this earth has free will i.e. his thoughts are completely subjective to the operand conditions around, than why one should not direct the thoughts of the masses for the greater good. To add, after years of research we now know the role of moral hormone which spreads/multiplies with induction and implies that good increases the good. We have seen the proof otherwise. We are on the mission of spreading the contagion of goodness.

And yes, it is all about creating your destiny and we help everyone to identify and create their own. With years of experience with machines I have learnt that a turbine (human) won't rotate well if its armature (behavior) is not aligned with the assembly (society) no matter how beautiful paint you apply on it. Hence we work on the armature of humans; 'the behavior' because a rotating turbine is always beautiful.